The Daily Gif: 5.17.18

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Congrats! Come grab your syringe and go down to the injectible party! – Shanna Moakler on Bridalplasty

So Trump isn’t going to be indicted… can we settle for Jared Kushner??

So Giuliani says Mueller agreed to not indict Trump


But let’s take what this guy says with a grain of salt

r gent.gif

I mean according to him how do you differentiate between opinion in fact


This guys is representing the President and supposed to be helping him out


Mr. Trump, for your own sake, fire this guy


And Scott Pruitt please!!


FYI, Giuliani was citing the Clinton and Nixon Justice Departments

bill clinton.gif

Great company to keep

fam 2.gif

However, Mueller can send a report to the House, which can go forward


You better not fuck this up Nancy Pelosi


Trump has been on Twitter and pissed

dead bird.gif

But the sky is also blue, so…

sound of music.gif

We’ll see what happens


But if there is a God – take Don Jr. with you!

don jr 2.gif

Trump paid Cohen to pay Stormy… and everyone is surprised?

So it turns out Trump lied


Mind = blown


Despite earlier statements, he did know about the Stormy Daniels payment

i know

And reimbursed Cohen for it

pay day.gif

Oh, Hurricane Stormy, always blowing


Side note: Michael Cohen is definitely going to jail


Let’s see what Fox & Friends has to say about this!