Articles About Ivanka Trump I Don’t Care About.


Here are articles about Ivanka Trump that I don’t care about:

  • This stupid fucking CNN piece on her smile

*isn’t that a weird thing to comment on a woman’s appearance in a news headline

This was dumb. “Dressed all in creamy white” is mentioned before, “Israel,” “Palestine,” “Death,” and “Protest.” Whatever, Clinton News Network. Ivanka and her friend-zoned husband, Jared, solved the Middle East. We should feel #blessed.

  • This not-newsworthy news from PeoplePolitics

Title: Ivanka Trump Posts Frosty Instagram Honoring Mom Ivana as ‘the Best Skier I Know. ‘ ~Wait~ does Ivanka like Donald more than Ivana? Maybe it’s because Donald is a #WokeBae

  • #CheatSheet lets us know about KKW’s “plea” to Ivanka and her friend, Jared

It turns out Jared Kushner is better at back-channeling with the Kardashians than he is with the Russians. Or is he? Our favorite muppet is trying his best. Now that he’s solved the Israeli-Palestine crisis, he can fix the opioid epidemic, right?

Is Ivanka Trump the new feminist icon? No, she really isn’t. “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success” is less valuable than the copy of Fifty Shades of Grey I caught the girl down the hall from me in college reading, exploring her budding sexuality.